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How does the affiliate program of Nattule work?

Nattule knows how important it is to have organised your booking agenda. As we know how tedious it could be to manage all of the charges of each one of the participants of the groups you have in all activities.

That is why we thought of a tool that can resolve all these problems.

With this program of affiliate collaborators, you could link from your web to your own activities inside Nattule. Thanks to the LeadDyno technology, the visits will be identified and if they book the activities, there will be no charge from Nattule, just a 5% of commission of the payment gateway.

Advantages of Nattule affiliate system
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Your bookings paid in advance

One of the best advantages of Nattule's affiliate system is that the activities are paid in advance, with all the improvements that this entails.

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You, experience. We, marketing.

While you do what you like the most, dedicating time to your business and experiences, Nattule will provide you with the best marketing tools to give you a chance of selling more.

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More than just an affiliate link

Use your links of affiliate for all you wish. Send them by whatsapp, e-mail, insert them in your web, in articles of your blog… and keep the commissions of Nattule for yourself.

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Refer to your colleagues, and take the commission

With the affiliate system of Nattule you could refer the activities to your colleagues or similar companies and earn money every time someone books an activity.

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More than 1.500 activities

Nattule has availability of more than 1.500 experiences of ecotourism and sustainable tourism in Spain and beyond. Among all of them it is sure that there will be more than one that will perfectly suit your business and what you want to transmit.

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Reduce the absenteeism of your activities

When a payment is done in advance, it is more likely that there will be no problems of absenteeism on your activity. The hardest side is already done!

What is the next step?

Give us a few hours to revise your solicitude and our team will contact you shortly. They will provide you with your user name, password and a basic guide to show how to use our platform. Once you are ready you could start to earn the commissions.

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