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What is Nattule Affiliate program?

If you have a web or blog that shares Nattule's philosophy, as, for example, a blog that is related with nature or traveling, then you should keep reading.

Thanks to the affiliate system of Nattule, you can make money or diversify the monetising lines of your web on a really simple way. You simply have to request your inscription to the affiliate program and once it is verified and we think we make a good team, you will have access to special links of our web (commercial related, activities, among others) that you could use in your site.

Using these links you will bring us traffic or referral visits. When those visits buy something inside Nattule, you will take a part of it, 25% of the 18% (fixed commission of Nattule), what is a result of the 4,5% of the total price of the sell.

Advantages of Nattule affiliate system
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Experiences 100% ecotouristic

All the activities offered in Nattule are 100% sustainable tourism, which makes us the only platform of these characteristics. If you help us to sell, we will make the world a better place.

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More than 1.500 activities

Nattule offers you over 1.500 experiences of ecotourism around the world. It is sure that among all of them we can find the one that will relate the most to your web and that will connect with what you want to transmit.

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Ecotourism around the world

Since its launching, Nattule hasn't stopped growing. What started as a platform of activities in determined zones of Spain, is now bringing activities and experiences over our frontiers. Grow with us.

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Earn money doing what you like most

While you do what you like, dedicating time to your web, we will help you to grow it giving it a chance to sell through it.

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Enlarge the ways of monetising your blog

Those who work in the digital world will know that is complicated to succeed, so we know monetising is the key. With our affiliate system you can find new efficient alternatives to monetise your web or blog.

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Help local companies and guides to develop

Inside Nattule there are more than 500 companies organising ecotourism activities. These companies are all directed by local experts that put a lot of effort on their work zone and History. You can help them tell their story.

What is the next step?

Give us a few hours to revise your solicitude and our team will contact you shortly. They will provide you with your user name, password and a basic guide to show how to use our platform. Once you are ready you could start to earn the commissions.

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